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TEL brings together leaders from across sectors: Current Educational Leaders and Edupreneurs including Superintendents, other district level leaders, SEL District Coordinators, Non-Profit & CBO Leaders, School Site Leaders, Mental Health Leaders and those working in Higher Education to train pre-service educators.

We believe every individual has a sphere of power and circle of influence regardless of title. We need to foster collaborative leadership that understands deeply how to engage diverse stakeholders to solve complex problems and life outcomes for the communities we work with.


“I think TEL is filling a very important role in the education community. TEL is a very diverse group of committed educators with common areas of interest and a high levels of collaboration skills. It's critical that we, as educators, begin to think systemically and collaboratively while exploring perspectives from various sources and different dimensions. I feel that this is the strength of the tel cohort. TEL is doing an exceptional job in bringing people together from diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideologies in order to further expand our level of thinking and leading in transforming our current educational systems to better serve all children.”


- Hector Montenegro
Former Superintendent of Schools & Senior Advisor, Leadership Development, TEL

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2018-2019 Participant Experiences


“TEL has been the space where I can feel comfortable and find some company in the change processes we’ve been experiencing in Puerto Rico this year.”

—Gladys Hernandez

School Mental Health Practitioner and Social Psychologist, San Juan, Puerto Rico


“A lot of times we are the outliers in our districts. TEL is a community of like minded leaders engaged in similar work. It’s reassuring to know you are not alone.”


SEL Lead, Warren City Schools


“Through TEL I grew my understanding of social and emotional learning (SEL) and also experienced SEL as an adult on a much deeper level than perhaps I have in my entire life just through the friendships, the holding of space and the compassion that was extended to me throughout this program this year.”


Assistant Professor, University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C. Board Member, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society & Mindfulness in Education Network


“TEL has been a breath of fresh air. And so, when I close my eyes and think about TEL, it's been the collective permission to just be. It's a reminder of where education can be, and it's a reminder of the role that I play in that. The impact it has had on me has been reimagining leadership from a standpoint of being vulnerable, being courageous, being strong, being fair, being equitable. TEL has done a wonderful job of creating this intersectionality of all those things. I'm walking away from TEL not only with a community of 60-plus new friends, but also, resources and skills. And just a love, and a happiness to make sure that we're doing the right things for all students, all adults, and our community as a whole. I think more importantly than anything that's what TEL has done for me. It's a reminder, a reflection of taking care of all the people to ensure that all the people are well.”


Executive Director, Student Services, Rockwood School District, Eureka, Missouri


“It was just an incredible experience to carve out three Wednesdays out of each month to meet with colleagues in the way that we did. And just carving out that space, it created a new structure for me to be able to learn and grow. Meeting on a weekly basis kept the work in focus. I didn't have the opportunity to close a binder, put it away, and then six months later go back to it. It was just current and ongoing.”


Principal, Green Acres Elementary School, Scarsdale, New York


“The way I've experienced TEL bringing compassion into the world has been through the embodiment of the Faculty.”


Vice President of Education for Aspire Public Schools, Oakland, CA


“It's important to be curious about others so you can connect. It's equally important to know about yourself so you can connect with heart and with courage.”


Principal, PS 116, New York, NY


“If an educational leader is asking, ‘Should I do this?’ I would say, ‘Absolutely, 100 percent you should do it.’ Though we come from different backgrounds and contexts, our issues and our concerns are really the same. Being with people who are like-minded and pursuing the same kinds of thinking is such a gift. The people in TEL are just awesome. This is an opportunity to push yourself and get that support we all need. We need our people. When they say TEL is a family, this really is a family.”


Indigenous Educational Leader & Dean of Students, Onandaga Nation School, New York


“It's important to be curious about others so you can connect. It's equally important to know about yourself so you can connect with heart and with courage.”


Vice President, Partner Impact, Turnaround for Children


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