Transformative Educational Leadership

Inner Personal Development in the service of Outer Systemic Transformation


Transforming Education from the Inside out.

TEL is a transformational community for educational leaders. We bring together a racially and culturally diverse group who want to create systemic transformation based on a deep foundation of inner development. The TEL Framework is rooted in the transformational potential of leadership that integrates cutting-edge application of Equity, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and Mindfulness—all in service of creating a more compassionate and interdependent world.

“Through TEL I now have a new belief in the ability to hold a cohort of 67 people together who are geographically dispersed for 12 months…I was skeptical at first. And yet it proved to be the case. The structure of the recurring two webinars on deep, rich content each month and then the opportunity to process that in the smaller cohorts was illuminating for me. The TEL experience has given me the courage to bring even further into alignment my passions around mindfulness, equity, social and emotional learning, and deepening them into my professional endeavors, where for several years it was only an aspect of my job. And now more and more, I am feeling the pull to just fully focus on that work exclusively.”

— James Gallagher, Vice President of Education for Aspire Public Schools

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TEL’s Four Learning Threads

Our approach uniquely integrates four fields of study: Leadership, Equity, SEL & Mindfulness. As a TEL participant you will be transformed inwardly as you then take courageous action at a personal, professional, and systemic level impacting your organization and the wider community in which you serve.



TEL focuses on what it means to truly lead from the inside out. We believe the most powerful transformation happens at the intersection of inner development that cultivates the values that instill compassionate and courageous action in our spheres of power and circles of influence.



Scientific evidence clearly demonstrates that social, emotional and academic dimensions of learning are inextricably linked in the brain and therefore interconnected in the learning and teaching process. The research, practice, and policy around SEL can help shape and sustain a whole new era of TEL Leaders who reflect what we know about how learning happens.*

*Adapted from: The Practice Base For How We Learn: Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional and Academic Development, Aspen Institute 2018



TEL leaders explore their personal connection to equity issues, and lead from a place where equity is a key decision-making principle in integrating a compassionate sense of belonging in the organizations and wider community in which they serve.



Mindfulness is a foundational capacity and a way of being that cultivates presence, awareness, and compassion. Cultivating a regular mindfulness practice forms the basis for what TEL leaders need to enable others to flourish and transform the organizations in which they serve.


“As a central office leader who organizes a lot of professional learning opportunities and leads meetings with principals and other leaders throughout the district, I can tell you there has not been a time this past year where I was presenting that I didn’t use a resource that came from TEL.”

Dr. Terry Harris, Executive Director of Student Services, Rockwood School District, Eureka, Missouri

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